Sustainability in Subirats

Tourism occupies an important place in the whole of the local economy of Subirats and local life. This dynamising effect on the economy is produced not only by the direct influence of the income it generates but also because it influences other economic sectors outside the tourism sector.

Given its importance and impact, Subirats City Council has access to a permanent dialogue with tourism agents and companies through the Municipal Tourism Council of Subirats, a consultative and participatory body on municipal issues that directly affect the tourism sector.

Tourism in Subirats wants to continue evolving positively, trying to consolidate itself as a sustainable tourist destination, while seeking a dynamic, quality and diversified development of new tourism products following the preservation and conservation of natural resources. Especially the demands on the rural landscape, which today requires protection, with vineyards and rural life being rooted in our agricultural and peasant traditions.

The City Council of Subirats through its tourism area develops a general awareness of the socio-economic and cultural relevance of tourism among the local population and ensures responsible tourism in the municipality through adopting the objective principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism from UNESCO, organization of the United Nations.

Through the Barcelona Provincial Deputation (Diputació de Barcelona) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Subirats City Council renews its certificate of commitment to tourism sustainability every year. The Biosphere of the counties of Barcelona with the aim of promoting good practices in sustainable management at the Subirats Tourism Office.


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