Ordal Peach Market

The Ordal Peach Market combines tradition and local produce. Peaches harvested at their optimum ripening point can be purchased through direct contact with producers. As part of their craft, farmers certify the quality of the produce that goes directly from tree to table. “Since the creation of the entity, each member has an assigned number. Therefore, the brand plus the number of each producer serves to authenticate and ensure that the peach being offered is 100% Ordal”


From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays
June, July and August


Sale and pairing of Peaches

Sale and pairing of Local Produce

On Market weekends, stay for a meal at a restaurant

To round off the weekend, stay overnight in a rural accommodation

Discover the market

Market and gastronomy

Peaches for sale
Produce stalls

Ca la Marieta
Producer No. 011
Coopera-Ramon Masip

Olivella Font Clara
Producer No. 016
Josep MªOlivella Rossell

Cal Pau Jan
Producer No. 019
Josep Ràfols Vendrell

Ca l’Anton
Producer No. 007
Anton Font Llopart


Esteve Ràfols family
Producer No. 006
Josep Esteve Ràfols

Manel Massana Vallès
Producer No. 013
Manel Massana Vallès

Catasús Vilamós family
Producer No. 003
Pere Catasús Vilamós

Cal Baldiri
Producer No. 004
Josep Mª Marcé Casas

Local products for sale
Local producers

Les Filos
Jams and syrups

Set Pots
Artisan jams


Grape jams

Can Mallofré


Wine and sparkling wine for sale
Local wineries

Finca la Font de Jui
Saturday, June 12th

Saturday, June 19th

Albet i Noya
Sunday, June 20th

Saturday, June 26th

Sunday, June 27th

Oliver Viticultors
Saturday, July 3rd

Finca la Font de Jui
Sunday, July 4th

El Mas Ferrer
Saturday, July 10th


Cava Bertha
Sunday, July 11th

Fèlix Massana Ràfols
Saturday, July 17th

Canals i Casanovas
Sunday, July 18th

Cava Maspujadó
Saturday, July 24th

Cava Guilera
Sunday, July 25th

Carles de Lavern
Saturday, July 31st

Celler Carol Vallès
Sunday, August 1st


Discover the wineries and cellars of Subirats
Reservations, visits and tastings all year round!

Pairing. Peach with cava

Days: Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Location: Market tasting area in Plaça Subirats in Sant Pau d’Ordal

Given the current pandemic situation and to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19, this activity is not scheduled in the 2021 edition of the market.

Ordal Peach gastronomic season.

Book a table and taste the local cuisine through dishes prepared with Ordal peaches.

Subirats restaurant collaborators:
Restaurant Cal Pere de Maset
Restaurant Cal Xim
Restaurant Mirador de les Caves Restaurant El Racó del Pago
Hotel-Restaurant Sol i Vi

Penedès restaurant collaborators:
Restaurant Cal Ton
Restaurant La Posada
Restaurant Cal Blay Vinticinc
Hotel Fonda Neus


Guided walks through the Land of the Ordal Peach

Guided routes that run between peach trees, vineyards and forest, where we talk about the cultivation of peach trees in the territory of Subirats, the associated agricultural practices, the peculiarities of this fruit and the reasons that make it so special.

Flowering time in the land of peach:Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 7

The clearing in the land of the peach:Saturday 24 April and Sunday 25 April

Harvest time walk:Saturday 29 May and 19 June.

Reservations: Subirats Tourist Office Telephone: 93 899 34 99

General requirements for guided walks: Visits at 10 am and 12 noon. It is necessary to book in advance. Places are limited, depending on the order of registration and up to one day before the activity. You need to wear comfortable shoes and water.


Price / person (includes local guide)

Unguided walks through the Ordal Peach country

Open itinerary to discover the Ordal Peach country at your own pace.

Tapas route through the Ordal Peach Market

By the Albet i Noya winery

Days: To be specified in June and July
Reservations : 93 899 48 12 (Prior reservation required)

Visit the Les Filos workshop

By Les Filos

Days: To be specified in June and July
Reservations: 609 14 97 79 (Prior reservation required)

Pick your own Ordal peaches

By Vinimundus

Days: To be specified in June and July
Reservations: 696 930 346 (Prior reservation required)

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