Music Festival in the vineyards

The Music Festival in the vineyards is one of the small format summer festivals of reference in the Penedès. Year after year it brings together a loyal audience attracted by the uniqueness of the festival and the magic of one of the most beautiful and unknown places in the Penedès. The first edition took place in Subirats in 2003, and since then, it has been held every July.

Subirats City Council is organizing the Music Festival in the vineyards with the collaboration of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Ordal Peach Producers Association, the Sant Sadurní Cava Guild, the painter Cathrine Bergsrud, the Bori Family Fortuny and the wine and cava producers of Subirats: Celler Eduald Massana; Albet and Noya; Summaroca; Covides; Cava Guilera; Oliver Viticultors; Batllori; Cava Bertha; El Mas Ferrer; Rossell Mir; Caves Ventura Soler; Maspujadó; Finca Sabaté i Coca, Can Bas Domini Vinícola, Fèlix Massana Ràfols, Cellers Carol Vallès and Llopart.

Download the material of the 2021 edition:


June 25th Concert introduction
July 17th and 24th


Tasting of a glass of cava and peach from Ordal at the end of the concert (Activity not programmed by the Covid measures19)

Before the concerts, you can dine during special times in local restaurants or taste wines and cavas in one of the wine bars in the vineyards.

On the weekends of the festival stay overnight in a rural accommodation

With prior reservation, after each performance, you can visit the inside of the Palau Gralla skating rink. (Activity not programmed by Covid19 measures)

With prior reservation, the Subirats painter Cathrine Bergsrud will open her art space in Torre-ramona.

Taste the festival

18th edition of Concerts

Mario Mas


Day: Friday, June 25, 2021
Location: Eudald Massana Winery

Our neighbour, the eclectic and versatile guitarist Mario Mas, as well as a luxury accompanist (Paco Ibáñez, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Raúl Rodríguez, Coetus, Jackson Browne, Leonard Cohen, …), will offer us an intimate solo concert. A journey through time taking a tour of the history and tradition of the guitar with an organic sound. A connection between folklore and classical music. Biodynamic concert with a lot of “bids” life and the “dynamis” force of the summer solstice. Do you dare? A pleasure to enjoy music.

21:00 p.m Presentation
21:15 p.m Concert



Mario Mas: guitar

Before the start of the concert, the presentation of the XVIII Music Festival in the vineyards at Eudald Massana Noya. 30 minutes before open doors to the cellar to facilitate stepped access.

Performance by Mario Mas

Closing of the event
In the end, for those who want to taste a glass of wine or cava from the winery Eudald Massana

Link to the artist’s video

Carola Ortiz


Day: Saturday, July 17, 2021
Location: Torre-ramona

It is Carola Ortiz’s third album as a songwriter. In this new work, he has set to music a collection of Catalan poetry by authors such as Anna Gual, Maria Mercè Marçal, Mercè Rodoreda and Montserrat Abelló, among others, in which women, their history, their imaginary, their myths, legends and their sensuality are the central motifs. A tribute and a memory exercise to the figure of the woman through time.

Singer, clarinettist and composer, Carola Ortiz is one of the most dynamic creators of the new generation of Catalan musicians, which is perfectly complemented by Bartolomeo Barenghi’s guitar, the elegance of Sandrine Robilliard’s cello, the harmony of the double bass by Pau Lligadas and the rhythm of Marcelo Woloski’s percussion.

A universe of sound full of emotions and feelings like a midsummer night’s dream.

10.30 pm Concert



Carola Ortiz: composition, voice and clarinet

Bartolomeo Barenghi: guitar

Sandrine Robilliard: cello

Pau Lligadas: double bass

Marcelo Woloski: percussion

Link to the artist’s video

Ignasi Terraza – Pepa Niebla


Day: Saturday, July 24th, 2021
Location: Torre-ramona

This is a very special concert, an absolute premiere at the Music Festival in the vineyards.

The magic of jazz offered up by Ignasi Terraza’s trio will be amplified by the vocal versatility of Pepa Niebla. An emotional journey based on the influences and experiences of these extraordinary musicians. From Blues to Soul, to Cuban Son music and popular music. From Granada to Havana, London and Brussels, where Pepa Niebla currently resides. Weaving a tailor-made quilt that highlights the creativity and swing of Ignasi Terraza’s piano, the vibrant and harmonious sound of Canarian double bassist Martín Leiton and the collaboration of drummer Esteve Pi.

A vibrant party in the middle of the vineyards to get closer to “the edge of the world”. See you there!

10:30 p.m. Concert

Ignasi Terraza: piano

Pepa Niebla: voice

Martin Leiton: double bass

Esteve Pi: drums

Link to the artists’ video


Buy your tickets

Ticket prices

Presentation + concert
Date: June 25
Location: Eudald Massana Winery
Price: € 10

First concert
Date: July 17th
Location: Torre-ramona
Price: € 18

Second concert

TICKETS SOLD OUT                                 
Date: July 24
Location: Torre-ramona
Price: € 18


Special season tickets

Combined concert entrance

Dates: July 17 and 24

2 concerts in Torre-ramona

Location: Torre-ramona

Price: € 25


Combined entrance three concerts

Dates: June 25, July 17 and 24

Presentation-concert in a cellar of Subirats + 2 concerts in Torre-ramona

Locations: Celler Eudald Massana and Torre-ramona

Price: € 30


Ticket sale

Tickets for the 2021 edition of the festival are sold out.

Buy your tickets here!

Any questions when buying your tickets ask for help at or 973 400 265.

This year, due to the Covid19 measures, the festival is betting on selling tickets online and there will be no physical ticket sales point in the usual points in the Penedès. We are grateful for the collaboration of the last editions in Vinyet, grape marmalades; Gelida City Council; CIC La Fassina; bookstore the Odyssey.

Show information:

Doors open – at 8.30 pm.

Includes general admission: presentation-concert and glass of cava.

Concert with seats with spacing Covid19 – The seats are grouped according to the number of tickets purchased during the purchase.

Covid19 measures:

Maintain the safety distance in all spaces of the enclosure.

The use of the mask is mandatory at all times.

We recommend carrying the downloaded entry on your mobile phone to avoid contact with the paper as much as possible.

If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with the virus, stay home.

The site has hydroalcoholic ice dispensers.

The seating capacity and layout will meet the required safety distances.

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