Art and landscape

Subirats Wine Route

The tourist experience is complemented by the possibility of getting to know local Subirats artists, some of them with their own workshops and galleries in the municipality.

The starting and the welcome point is the Subirats Tourism Office, the first stop for meeting and seeing some works by local artists.

The route continues through the vineyards and rural roads, stopping at different viewpoints and points of interest. Subirats, Live Vineyards (Vinya Viva): Through different artistic elements the landscape’s information gets transmitted.

The route on foot or by bike is self-guided and passes through the towns of Sant Pau d’Ordal and Lavern.

The artists of Subirats

Cathrine Bergsrud
669 21 69 70

Àngel Martínez
C/ La Creu, 32, Ordal
626 03 20 30

Lluís Masachs
C/ Sant Pere, 6, Sant Pau d'Ordal
619 17 04 12

M. Assumpció Raventós
Cal Almirall de Figuerola, Lavern
616 61 22 76

Josep Massana
C/ Sant Pau, 4, Sant Pau d'Ordal
660 30 26 13

Lesley Yendell
C/ La Pedrera, Can Sala, Can Sala
630 621 226

Luis Hermosilla
C/ La Pedrera, Can Sala, El Pago
630 62 12 26

Isabel Serres
C/ Montserrat, 17, El Pago
93 899 31 53

Cristina Moriano
Can Rossell, Can Rossell
696 36 25 06


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