The River Path

An itinerary to discover and learn to love the river

The river path is a 43-kilometre route along the areas surrounding the Mediona-Bitlles, Anoia and Lavernó rivers.

It’s a combination of nature and culture where natural pools, springs and riparian forests coexist with modernist buildings, churches, mills and castles.

Along the 43 km, one can discover the diversity of the surroundings and attractive landscapes showcasing the beauty of the region—a mosaic of environments in which to enjoy walking, cycling or horseback riding.


Visit the website for the River path for more information.


Bicycle rental and guided bike routes in Enobicing Penedès.

Visitor service at the Subirats Tourism Office located at the Lavern-Subirats Winemaking Station (l’Estació Vitivinícola de Lavern-Subirats).

The River Path stretch in Subirats

This walk allows you to enjoy a fantastic view, a landscape mosaic made up of villages, vineyards and fields, forests and also the river banks and area surrounding the river. The fact that it includes the river area as a characteristic and significant element of the itinerary is what distinguishes this route from the others in the municipality.

The route includes two parts, linked by a section that runs through Sant Sadurní. The southern section corresponds to one end of the riverwalk and passes through already established and fairly simple rural trails. The northern section, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. Both, however, are of great scenic and natural interest.

Enobicing Penedès The River Path by bike.

Next to the Lavernó stream at the Lavern-Subirats Train Station is the Enobicing Penedès space. You can rent an electric or conventional bicycle to do the River Path route.

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