Routes through vineyards and wineries

Subirats routes on an electric bike, foot or horseback are one of your best bets when it comes to touristic offerings in the destination of Subirats. It offers ideal environments for nature lovers, vineyards and peachtree scenery ideal for cycling, family walks or horseback riding.

The starting point is the Lavern-Subirats train station, giving tourists, visitors and residents a warm welcome and where various tourist services are offered so you can start enjoying the experience. The routes of Subirats are divided into three circular routes that connect with the beauty of the vineyard landscape, the cultural heritage elements of the territory and the tourist attractions and resources.

The routes of Subirats also allow you to discover and visit the wineries of the municipality and it connects the towns and villages where you can discover their cultural, social and economic values, and enjoy the cuisine and the local produce.


More information about the routes at Subirats Tourism Office.

More information on bike routes and tour guide service at Enobicing Penedès.

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The routes start at Lavern train station.


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Routes of Subirats

Route 1. The Viewpoint Route
16 km circular route

This circular route has a length of 16 kilometres and an additional 4-kilometre section going to the Subirats Castle. This additional section allows us to connect to different heritage sites such as the Paleontological Site, the Iberian Site of Puig del Cocodril, the Subirats Castle and the medieval town of Torre-ramona and the Anoia River.

The name proposed for this route comes from the combination of near and far horizons and their shapes, the presence of viewpoints such as the Miravinya La Bardera with exceptional views of the Central Plain of the Penedès or the viewpoint of the Subirats Castle with panoramic views of Montserrat Mountain.

Its changing topography means that the route generally runs at a high altitude with respect to its surroundings, which offers wide views of the Penedès landscape alternating between the forest and the vineyard and fruit trees landscape.

The route runs through the middle of the following locales: Cal Panxa; Els Casots, Can Rossell, Can Rovira and Cantallops, and the villages of Sant Pau d’Ordal and Lavern. From the Subirats Castle, it takes us to the heart of Torre-ramona and Rebato, from where the Anoia River can be accessed.

The route connects the Castle of Subirats to the PR-C 156 of the Wine and Cava Roads (Camins del Vi i del Cava), which allows us to pass through the Serra d’Ordal Mountains. In Sant Pau d’Ordal it connects with the PR-C 152 of the Wine and Cava Roads and with the trekking route of Penedès 360°. In Lavern, it connects with the Via Augusta Penedès route and the slow bike route Penedès 360°.

Technical file

Distance: 16 km
Accumulated elevation difference: 279 m
Difficulty level: Moderate
Estimated time: Biking 2 hours – Walk 4 hours

Route 2. Water Route
15 km circular route

The name proposed for this route is derived from its relationship with water, as the route crosses and mingles with streams such as the Lavernó stream, several torrents and springs.

The presence of water manifests itself in lush landscapes with leafy vegetation, shaded, cosy and enclosed spaces with a touch of mystery, and the leafy tree-lined stream intertwined with the vineyard landscape.

The route runs through and connects Ca Batista; Can Bas; Ca l’Avi, Corral del Mestre and Can Cartró and the village of Lavern.

The route connects at different points with the River Path route (Camí del Riu) as it passes through Subirats, which takes us through the fluvial areas of the Lavernó river. In Can Cartró it connects with the Via Augusta Penedès route and various cattle tracks. In Ca l’Avi with the PR-148 of the Wine and Cava Roads and in Can Bas with the Penedès 360° slow bike route.

Technical file

Distance: 15 km
Accumulated elevation difference: 176 m
Difficulty level: Moderate
Estimated time: Biking 2 hours – Walk 4 hours

Route 3. Stone and Memory Route
17 km route

This route gets its name from two differentiating features: On the one hand, the importance of dry stone and the presence of different heritage elements such as stone walls and huts along the route; and the other, the importance of historical memory and its visitable historical spaces.

This route passes through valleys, hills, sierras, and mountains dividing it into two parts: one linked to the surroundings of Sant Pau d’Ordal which has the reference points of Can Mató del Racó and Els Vidriers mountains, and the other linked to the surroundings of Ordal, which has Pla de Can Ravella as its landmark and the natural viewpoints of the mountains ranges of Ordal.

The route runs through Can Sala, El Pago, Can Ravella and the villages of Ordal and Sant Pau d’Ordal.
The route connects Ordal with the GR-5 Catalonian trails and PR-156 of the Wine and Cava Roads that allows us to walk through the Mountains of the Serra d’Ordal, with the Ronda d’Ordal giving us the nature viewpoints at altitudes of more than 500 meters, and with the 360° Penedès mountain bike route. In Sant Pau d’Ordal it connects with the PR-C 152 of the Wine and Cava Roads and with the trekking route of Penedès 360°.

Technical file

Distance: 17 km
Accumulated elevation difference: 279 m
Difficulty level: Moderate
Estimated time: Biking 2 hours – Walk 4 hours

Other routes and itineraries

Ordal dry stone route

The first dry stone route in Subirats. It’s a circular route starting from the village of Ordal and going around the Mas Granada stream. It’s the area of Subirats where there is the largest quantity of dry stone huts. In total, you can see about twenty units with different characteristics.

Ronda d’Ordal

The PR-C 156-3 turnoff called Ronda d’Ordal is a circular route through the Ordal Mountains that passes through the highest points of the municipality around Ordal. These paths are a good way to get to know the area up close and enjoy the diversity of landscapes in Subirats.

Barcelona Transportation Network (Xarxa de Mobilitat de Barcelona)

The Barcelona Transportation Network contains a selection of the most suitable paths, lanes and trails for walking, sports, hiking, cycling and other non-motorized activities.

All these paths are signposted and linked to each other and connect the most outstanding villages as well as nature and heritage sites. Use of the Mobility Network is free and allows you to move anywhere, starting and ending wherever you want, with total freedom.

You will find various proposed routes and itineraries with the most remarkable routes of each territory in this large network: tourist routes, heritage walks, health and fitness itineraries. Choose the proposal that suits you best or make your own.

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